Serving in Retirement – Montague Christian Church

In anticipation of full retirement, John and Lois recently moved from the Toronto area to a small town on Prince Edward Island.
It wasn’t the beautiful beaches and light houses that beckoned them – it was a distinct call from God to be involved in a church there.
They felt called to be lay ministers and to help others be successful and viable in their ministry.
You can imagine what a beautiful gift these two have been – to the minister and his wife and the church community!

John has been a career engineer while Lois was a ESL teacher for over 10 years, as well as participating in life at Forestview Church in Oakville, ON for almost 19 years –
providing leadership to small groups, prayer ministry, worship, leadership team, outreach efforts.
Good years and yet they wondered if God had something else in store for their early retirement years.

So in obedience to a clear call from God, they purged their belongings and moved from familiar territory to something unknown.
Small town Prince Edward Island life isn’t exactly the GTA!
Not only have John and Lois provided a sense of stability and support to the minister and his wife (which has been much appreciated – they can hardly believe it’s true!) —
but they have found joy and delight.

John and Lois have found people to love and ways to serve – playing the bass and singing on the worship team, participating in a prayer study, offering hospitality.
After many years of work and ministry, they are happy to lead by example and see other people flourish.
There’s been delightful moments – the surprise of vulnerable, authentic conversation about spiritual things and prayer with strangers and new friends.
The surprise of sharing friendship and laughter with a couple of teenagers over Schrodinger’s Wave Function (a physics joke!).

This move has deepened and revived their relationship with God.
They realize again how personal God is – that God loves adventure and loves calling his people to step out in faith.
Another taste of the goodness of God!

Serving in Retirement – Montague Christian Church
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