Joy and Kindness in Retirement

Joy and kindness.
These were two themes as I talked with Jon and Joyce from Edmonton, AB about ministry and retirement.

Jon said he was surprised how much joy he has experienced – whether it’s greeting people at church or helping international students move into their apartments.
Joyce looks forward to having new people over for dinner and her weekly volunteer day at an international aid foundation.
The blessing of obeying the prompt of the Spirit has been the pleasure of relationship.

Retirement can be a time to invest in kindness.
Remembering that it’s the kindness of God that leads us to repentance, it’s also the kindness we offer each other that leads us into deeper relationship with each other and with God.
As Jon says, “kindness sets the table” for relationship.
Because retired people often have more time and less commitments, it’s an ideal time to look beyond the usual circle of friends and notice people that we haven’t previously connected with.
Knowing that our social circle can easily become smaller as we age, an intentional effort to stay in touch with people is key.
Serving people helps us become less grumpy!
Maybe that’s part of God’s design for us as human beings and as the body of Christ!

Jon and Joyce would encourage other retired people or those approaching retirement this way:
Think big. Don’t be a rut-dweller. Who knows what God might want you to do?
Fight the good fight – don’t give up.
Let God define you – not your peers or even your estimation of yourself.

Isn’t that just like God?
To embed the gifts of joy and kindness in the work of ministry as we get older.

Photo creds: Mark Timberlake (Unsplash)

Joy and Kindness in Retirement
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