Pray for our Youth

Please pray for our youth across the country.
They are growing up in contentious and uncertain times.
Think of all the things in the last few years –
Black Lives Matter.
Discovery of the unmarked graves of Indigenous children.
The truck convoy.
Various sex scandals regarding church leaders.
War in the Ukraine.

And then you throw in the impact of technology and isolation, on top of the usual angst related to growing up!

These young people need our prayers.

I was talking with a youth pastor who is in the midst of real conversation with her youth.
They’re wondering about truth and if it even exists.
Some are awake in the middle of the night, wrestling with these big questions.
There’s a deep desire to know establish their own faith, rather than it just be a connection through family or geographical location.
They want to see adults who can engage in thoughtful, intelligent conversation and have a clear respect for others.

Pray for patience as God makes Himself known and for God’s people along the way to be attentive to the Spirit.
Pray that these youth will have eyes that see and ears that hear.

Photo Credit: Jacob Bentzinger (Unsplash)

Pray for our Youth