Jon and Marilyn Dart

Discernment is a good and beautiful thing.
Seeing the pastoral search team at Gentle Shepherd Community Church (Flesherton, ON) demonstrate wise and careful discernment is a joy for Jon Dart.

Jon, one of VMC’s transitional pastors, is ministering at Gentle Shepherd to teach, mentor, and guide as they choose a new pastor.
Once the Elders and congregation had appointed a Pastoral Search Team of six members, he guided the church through a vision re-freshment with input from the Team.
The Team then developed a church and pastor profile, which was posted online.
Since then the search team has been carefully and prayerfully sorting through resumes.

Jon is encouraged by the diligent work and prayerful approach that the search team is taking.
There’s an eagerness to see how the Spirit is leading.
It’s not a lifeless process of simply matching a resume with a job posting.
Instead – there’s a sense of participating with God as God prepares this congregation for something new.

The rest of the congregation has been supportive as well, as this process patiently unfolds – they too are eager for what God has in store for them.

Pray for continued wisdom and discernment for this community of believers as they work and wait for God’s leading!

Pastoral Search & Discernment – Gentle Shepherd Community Church
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