Open Hands – Grace Bible Chapel

Something is in the air.
Something is happening.
Maybe a few of us have sensed this.
What exactly is God doing in all the change and turmoil we see around us?
How will God redeem and use all of this for His good?

Paulo Andrade, pastor at Grace Bible Chapel in Parkhill, ON, is learning to be content with not knowing all the details and all the plans.
Learning to trust God and maybe even re-define success.
It’s with open hands that he thinks about the future – knowing that he wants to be able to flex with whatever God has in store.

For now, it’s building small groups known as grace collectives.
Small gatherings of people who collect God’s grace and allow it to spill over in their circles and communities around them.
It’s Bible study and service and fellowship all combined.

Maybe this is what we’re to have – a positive suspicion that God is up to something good.

Photo creds:  Jeremy Yap (Unsplash)

Open Hands – Grace Bible Chapel
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