Group photo from Assemblée Chrétienne de Baie-Comeau.

450 km east of Quebec City is a French assembly- Assemblée Chrétienne de Baie-Comeau.
About ten years ago, they built a little church building for their congregation of 25.

A few years ago, waves of newcomers flooded the area.
One woman saw the church and simply said, “That’s going to be my church.”
They’ve had to purchase new chairs and might even need an addition soon.
Today, the church has doubled in size.

The Assembly warmly welcomed the French-speaking African immigrants to their faith community.
In turn, the new immigrants desired to get to know the Canadians and to work together.

This influx of new people is no doubt changing the dynamics of the French assembly.
It’s been a positive experience of mutual flourishing.
In fact, Guy Bourassa (VMC Church Catalyst – Quebec) hopes that it will become a model for other Quebec churches.

Praise God for the way that God is bringing the nations to Canada and building the church here in Quebec.

Mutual Flourishing: Immigrants & French Churches
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