Mentoring Network of Persian Church Leaders

Pastor Siamak Keramat of Spirit of Truth Church in Toronto, with support from Gord Martin (VMC Founder & Mentor) has been building a relationship network with Persian church leaders over the last few years.
They have regular Zoom meetings with a small group of 12 to 15 Persian church leaders from all over the world but with a particular focus on Turkey, Georgia and Iran.
The pandemic and increased use of technology for communication and connection has allowed for even more Persian pastors to meet each other online.
It is exciting to see the gospel of Jesus spreading throughout the Middle East.

From this network of relationships, the need for mentorship has emerged.
It is genuine Christian faith that Siamak wants to encourage.
Sometimes people can view Christian faith as a way to access money or advance their careers so discernment is necessary.
Siamak and Gord are pursuing avenues for effective mentorship for these brothers and sisters.

Pray with them as they put together a mentoring plan that will connect Christian Persian leaders, mentor them in the ways of Jesus, and, ultimately, reach more people with the Good News of the Gospel.

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Photo creds: NASA (Unsplash)

Mentoring Network of Persian Church Leaders
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