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Nicole was praying alongside the elders and the whole congregation at Village Church in Newcastle, ON for a children’s ministry person.
The small church plant has grown in the last few years and they now have great space at the local public school.
And lots of children!
Who needed someone to lead them and grow them in the ways of Jesus.

Nicole usually likes to be in the background.
Leading children’s ministry is out of her comfort zone!
But she felt like God had given her a special – and somewhat unexpected – love for these children.
She could see the value and beauty in these children and knew that it was an important time to build a strong spiritual foundation for them.
So she said yes!

Nicole doesn’t just see it as keeping kids busy so the parents can worship.
She wants to introduce them to Jesus and foster a spiritual curiosity that leads them deeper into the love of God.
She wants these children to know that they belong and are part of the church community.
She wants them to have relationship with Christian adults.
She wants to help parents as they raise their children in the Lord.
Her desire for children’s ministry is rooted in the One who said “Let the little children come to me.”

Photo creds: Anna Kolosyuk (Unsplash)

Love for Children – Village Church Newcastle
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