Hurricane Fiona – Montague Christian Church

When Hurricane Fiona hit the Maritimes, thousands of people on Prince Edward Island lost power.
Which is fine for a day or two and then things get a little tricky.
Hopefully you’ve remembered to fill your bathtub and all your camping containers with water so you can flush the toilet and maybe wash a few dishes.
But what about taking a shower?
It seems like a luxury!

So Montague Christian Church put it on Facebook – if you haven’t got power, come use our showers!
The church was open for several afternoons so people could drop in and enjoy running water before heading back to their dark houses.
Someone was there to say hello and make them feel at home.

Who would have thought that having showers at the church would be used as a way to welcome people and practise hospitality in the name of Jesus?
It turns out that hurricanes provide such an opportunity!

From VMC October 2022 Church Leader News

Photo cred: Raquel Navalon Alvarez (Unsplash)

Hurricane Fiona – Montague Christian Church
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