From Albania to Scotland to Canada – Village Church Newcastle

In the last few years, Nicole (and her husband Helio and their two girls) have moved from Albania to Scotland to Canada.
While living near Edinburgh, Scotland, they were fasting and praying about what was next.
They wondered if they would be called to a country in Africa or maybe Asia.
So it was a bit of a surprise what happened next.

On the last day of fasting, they received a message from Brian Jose, pastor at Village Church in Newcastle, ON.
The two families had worked for the same organization planting churches in Albania.
Brian asked if they would like to join them in starting a new church in Canada.
They prayed and sought God together.
Their response was “yes”.
It was an answer to their prayers, as well as Brian and Audrey’s prayers.

After a year of paperwork and zooming in for church from Scotland, Nicole and Helio arrived in Canada and joined Village Church in person.
It began as a small house church and then moved to a community hall.

Just as Nicole and Helio participated in the mission of God in Albania and Scotland, they are participating in the mission of God in Newcastle.
Slowly and surely, like yeast in a batch of dough, the kingdom of God is growing.
Due to the need for increased space, Village Church now meets at the local public school.

Please pray as this church plant continues to grow and mature in the love of Jesus!

From Albania to Scotland to Canada – Village Church Newcastle
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