Forming Youth in the Missional Ways of God

The question is – how do we help our youth understand the mission of God?
Here’s one approach.

The Friday night event for the Refinery Youth Group is fun and something easy to invite friends to.
But it’s the Tuesday night Growth Group that Jason Lechelt (a pastor at Capilano Christian Assembly in Edmonton, AB) points to as the primary spiritual formation time for youth.
Every Tuesday, there’s a thoughtful time of teaching and a culture of learning for 25-40 youth.
The evening starts with a ridiculous question that involves everyone’s participation that sets the tone for inclusion and a sense of belonging.
Then it’s an in-depth study based on Scripture.
The leaders are highly invested and the youth are eager for spiritual growth.
They recently finished a series on the character of God and how that impacts day to day life.
There’s a challenge to obedience and an encouragement towards spiritual maturity.
The youth also invite their friends to join in so it’s reaching out to their friend groups.
It’s a natural, organic way of discipleship.
It’s a way of forming youth in the missional ways of God.

Forming Youth in the Missional Ways of God
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