Creativity – Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative

When I talked to Bob Cameron of the Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative (DWCC) in Windsor, ON, I couldn’t help but think of how vital creativity is for pastoring and church planting.

As part of the aftermath of Covid-19, DWCC has named food insecurity and isolation as two top issues for their community.
They are asking themselves – where does God’s abundance exist?
They’re inspired to find out what gifts and skills people have within their community that can be part of the solution.
So they’re investigating some possibilities – a community kitchen and a farmer’s market.

Bob told me about the three micro churches that have been established in their Windsor community – and the vision for a whole series of micro churches that share administration.
It’s a church model that emphasizes neighbours and close proximity.
It means gathering regularly throughout the week for worship, service, and relationship building in the neighbourhood – reimagining the local community as a loving faith community.

Bob and the other leaders at DWCC are grateful for the creativity and innovation that the Spirit has given them over the years, and especially since the pandemic.
There’s a sense of imagination and freedom as they try different things.
Failure doesn’t paralyze them but is seen as simply part of the learning and adapting.

Creativity is one of the Spirit’s good gifts!
Especially for the church as we imagine new possibilities to live the gospel and share the Good News of Jesus with those around us.

Creativity – Downtown Windsor Community Collaborative
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