Church & Reconciliation in Ethiopia

“What does it mean to be the Church of Christ in contemporary Ethiopia?”
This is the question that Girma Bekele is posing to the churches in Ethiopia.
Girma is a VMC church planter and pastoral leader of Addis Kidan (which means New Covenant) Church in Toronto, ON.

Right now, Girma is in Ethiopia speaking at a series of crucial national-level meetings about the Gospel as the ultimate message of reconciliation.
He says, “during our discussions, we will delve into the Church’s role as an alternative and countercultural missional community of Christ,
exploring topics of evangelism, social concern, and the imperative task of discerning the times – both global and local trends – to equip ourselves with visionary leadership.
These discussions bear profound implications for our nation, currently grappling with multifaceted crises.
The question of unity is pressing as the churches in Ethiopia face a profound challenge:
to sincerely ask what it truly means to embody unity in Christ, particularly within a nation struggling with ethno-linguistic divisions.”

Girma asks the VMC network of churches to pray alongside him.
So as an act of unity and solidarity with our brother Girma,
join us in prayer for the Ethiopian churches.
Pray for this deeply divided nation.
Pray for confession and healing.
Together we ask for reconciliation and peace.

Church & Reconciliation in Ethiopia
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