Baptism Story

Brian and Audrey are like grandparents to a young family.
Every Friday, they visit and read the Bible together and discuss spiritual things.
By word and by deed they teach them in the ways of Jesus.
They encourage the parents and love on their kids.

The father had a suspicious divine encounter with a security officer in a parking garage under his high rise apartment one day.
The security officer told him that God was with him.
He went back later to find him – there was no such person.
Was this an angelic visitation?

The mother has dealt with health issues and the joyful but sometimes very full task of raising four children.
There’s questions about the goodness and sovereignty of God.

The parents are learning the basics of faith, under the gracious guidance of Brian and Audrey.
Just this fall, the couple was baptized.
God has given them a church family, spiritual mentors, and a desire for more of God.

Such good news!

Baptism Story
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