All the Nations – Village Church Newcastle

The population of Newcastle, Ontario is about 10,000.
Most residents are white and speak English.
It isn’t exactly the most metropolitan city ever and you probably do not know it for its international flavour.
The internet describes it as a “small cozy town to visit.”

However, if you go to Village Church on a Sunday morning, you would think otherwise!
There’s at least 10 different cultures represented in their congregation.
Brazilian, Canadian, British, Guyanese, Chinese, Singaporean, Trinidadian, Filipino, Nigerian, Guatemala.
There is an eagerness for connection and community.
And friends tell friends what a friendly group Village Church is – and more people come.

In fact, just the other day, a woman of another faith told another friend that she should go to Village Church – because they’re a church who cares.

Isn’t that the sort of reputation God wants the church to have?
One in which even the unbelievers encourage others to come because the light and love of Jesus is evident!

Photo creds: Greg Rosenke (Unsplash)

All the Nations – Village Church Newcastle
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