Hope for the Future Church – TS2023 Reflections

As the coordinator for Thinking Shrewdly 2023, Matt Pamplin (VMC Church Catalyst) was praying that there would be a genuine hunger for Jesus among the young leaders.
He was not disappointed.

God seemed to be at work – the 60 young leaders who gathered together were open and willing to learn.
They were focussed on Jesus but did not unnecessarily hold on to form or tradition.
There was a willingness to courageously explore new ways of living their Christian faith.
Compassion for the world,
honest reflection on the state of the church,
and wanting the gospel to speak to today’s realities in Canada were common themes throughout the weekend.

Mostly, the young leaders were keen on listening to the Spirit.
They knew that without God, they could do nothing.

They weren’t looking for hype.
Or clever marketing or carefully curated experiences.
They wanted to encounter Jesus.
And they wanted their churches and neighbourhoods to do the same.

God, You are good!
May You continue to foster this hunger and desire for more of You throughout our country!
And may these young leaders lead with humility and confidence in Your Spirit.

Hope for the Future Church – TS2023 Reflections
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