New Canadians

VMC presently works with church plants of new Canadians from many language groups.
To connect with any of the leaders of these groups, see the list below.


New Canadian Leaders

Ming-Peng Gong

Pastor at Toronto China Bible Church, Chinese Church network

Indy Cungcin

Pastor of City Church, Winnipeg MB, CHIN Christian Fellowship of Canada

Yonatan Hiruy

Pastor at Mount Zion Worship Centre, Toronto, ON, East African Church Planters

Siamak Shafti-Keramat

Pastor of Spirit of Truth Church, Toronto, ON, Farsi-speaking Churches

Peter Johnson

Church Planting Pastor, Toronto, ON, Nigerian Churches

Amani Katanga

Pastor of Viens et Vois la Cité des Merveilles, Toronto, ON, French-speaking African Churches

Rob Heintz

Chaplain working in the community of Cambridge, ON, Chaplains

Obed Rod

Pastor of Afghan Church of the GTA, Toronto, ON, Afghan Churches