Refugees from Syria & Iraq

Refugees from Syria & Iraq are Coming to Canada

The upheaval and very public struggles in the Middle East requires a bold and compassionate response. The civil war in Syria, compounded by the aggression of ISIL affecting people of Syria and Iraq, has produced a refugee crisis.

Among the estimated 3.2 million Syrian refugees who have fled the country are more that 500,000 Christians, almost one-third of all Syrian Christians. In Iraq it is believed that, since August 2014, 120,000 Christians have fled their homes due to the advances of ISIL, and are among the estimated 1.8 million displaced people. The Christian population in Iraq, among the oldest in the world, has decreased from 1.5 million to 450,000.  The majority of refugees are Muslim, both Sunni and Shia. Others include Yezidis, Kakais and Shabaks.

Vision Ministries Canada along many other denominations and agencies are responding to this humanitarian crisis. North Park Church in London Ontario is a registered Sponsorship Agreement Holder with significant experience at refugee sponsorship.

If your church is interested in sponsoring refugees, contact David Cottrill who heads up this ministry at North Park. Mobile 519-871-8305

As church leaders in Canada, we feel compelled to respond to this significant need and work to settle refugees in Canada. We commit to recruiting congregations across Canada who will sponsor refugee families from Iraq and Syria, welcome  and befriend them, provide new homes for them and help them integrate into Canadian society where they can live in freedom. 


“Finding Your Way”

Based on Research conducted by TIM Centre, in collaboration with Community Based Research, the Finding Our Way resource is a practical, interdenominational Guide To Action for congregational leaders in Canada seeking to help in the settlement process of New Immigrants. It features 11 key strategies (described as “Wayfinding Actions”) that Church leaders can use in working with–and learning from– immigrants and refugees.


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