What It Means To Us

Church planting has been our major preoccupation from the beginning. The “More” part of our More and Better Churches vision means church planting, and we have been drawn to this from day one of VMC. We think it reflects the dynamic life of the book of Acts and is the leading edge of the mission of Jesus who told his followers that he would build his church.  In every time and place where the good news is proclaimed and practiced, churches are started.  We believe it is essential to the Christian mission, worthy of our best efforts, and often spiritually dangerous.

We feel that God has widened the VMC understanding of church planting; these days we are just as interested in all these kinds of new church and “church-like” initiatives:

  • Adding on or off site congregations to an existing church
  • Traditional church planting: when an established congregation sends a group to start something new and independent; or when a “pioneer” planter (usually with a number of partners) begins an independent church
  • Churches particularly focused on New Canadians
  • New and evolving forms of church (house churches and missional initiatives and …)
  • Adding a service to an existing church
  • Churches planted cooperatively with other networks or denominations
  • Existing churches growing in significant numbers (50 or 100 or more) of folks to whom “church” is a new thing
  • Buying or building or expanding church facilities

People & Plans

Vision Ministries Canada comes alongside people and plans in which we see God working. We approach these potential “plants” in tried and true ways.

After our initial connection – see Quick Inquiry – we spend some time getting to know new possible partners.

We usually ask them for an Application as part of an assessment process.

And one of our primary roles, is to provide Coaching.

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We’re always glad to talk, and begin to discern what God may have for us to do together.

We’re anticipating that first conversation.