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Ministry Highlights – Fiscal Year 2021

We praise God for His continuing work in churches and church planting across Canada. New plants have been launched this year in Ontario (Newcastle and Mississauga), in Alberta (Edmonton), and in BC (Pender Island). In addition, there have been 16 churches supported through VMC’s in-trust church planting system that offers coaching, accounting, and administrative support. We are thrilled to see a good mix of new immigrant, second generation, multicultural, and traditional Canadian plants. And we joyfully celebrated 10 years of ministry alongside Vision Ministries Kenya.

During these months of pandemic stress, we have been led to inspire leaders to sustain their mission and explore new ministry opportunities. We produced and shared a document regarding decentralized church life and ministry. And we convened two-hour discussions with 60+ church leaders in small groups to share strategies and to pray for one another.

We have been excited to launch two new ministry areas this year, focused on urban ethnic needs:

  • Chinese Church Association (CCA), a Mandarin speaking Chinese church network in the Greater Toronto Area, already involving three churches and planting a new church
  • Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA), the beginning of a Nigerian church planting network in Toronto and Mississauga

VMC also offers consulting and transitional ministry when churches are undergoing change. Consulting activity occurred with 17 churches across our nation: Atlantic (1), Quebec (1), Central ON (5), SW ON (4), Eastern-ON (2), AB (2), BC (2). Approximately 20 leaders/pastors have been coached with varying degrees of involvement, including bi-monthly meetings with leaders of ethnic sub-networks. In addition, there have been four churches in transition during this year. This work requires significant focus and resources. Due to the demand, VMC has been seeking to mobilize transitional leaders.

Through the disorienting and fatiguing period of the past year, most of our VMC leaders have weathered the period well. We praise God for the way that He has sustained our organization and so many of our leaders by the Spirit’s power.

Financial Highlights – Fiscal Year 2021

We praise God for His provision of finances throughout the pandemic and particularly this fiscal year of 2021 (Jul 2020 – Jun 2021). The nourishing of mature churches and young plants has become ever more essential.  During this period, VMC has focused its activities on relationships and endeavours that assist churches in staying on mission and encouraging people to follow Jesus.

For fiscal year 2021, the VMC General Fund Operating Excess of revenue over expenses was $197,443 before investment income vs an expected deficit of $50,480.  Operating Excess benefited from significant positive inflow of COVID government grants through the Canadian Emergency Wage Subsidy program (CEWS) and an unusual church donation.

The operating excess was also supported by:

  • a $34,000 increase in revenue excluding CEWS vs prior year
  • a $33,000 reduction in travel expenses vs prior year,
  • wages and benefits flat to budget and down 5% from last year,
  • administrative expenses favourable to budget by 16%, and 12% lower than prior year.

Total Overall revenue (General and Project Funds) improved 12% compared to the previous year.

Project fund revenue supporting church planting was up 9% from prior year ($1,463,782 vs $1,347,090).

We give glory to God for His provision to continue the mission!

General Fund Revenue was up by 18% ($884,769 vs $750,802)

  • Individual and Corporate giving was down 10% vs previous year
  • Church giving improved this year, 11% above budget and up 41% from prior year. The increase was driven by a single unusual gift of $75,000 from a closing church. Removing that unusual donation, Church revenue is 22% below budget and flat to the prior year
  • Other Revenue is up significantly. The CEWS influx of $168,891, which was $128,891 above budget, is due to extension of the program by the federal government. Accounting fees collected from in-trust church plants were $43,550, meeting budget and posting a small 2.7% increase over the previous year

General Fund Expenses were below budget by 16.5% and down 7.3% from prior year, with reduced spending in most categories

  • Program expenses have increased 13% vs prior year but are 35% below budget, primarily due to conferences held virtually rather than in person
  • Administrative and Travel expenses were controlled tightly during this period, spending in areas that made sense given the pandemic impact (i.e. reduced office expenses due to the work-from-home model, and reduced travel in favour of on-line meetings)
  • Spending on Wages and Benefits is proportionately large due to the impact of reduced spending in other areas related to the pandemic. However, total expense in this area is 5% lower than prior year ($496,729 vs $522,533) and within 0.7% of budget
  • Church Planting grants were equal to prior year at $70,736, still lower than earlier years due to the pandemic impact on planting opportunities

Project Fund grants totaled $51,920 (i.e. National, Regional, and Project disbursements) to support church planting