Theology & Values

Ministry Values

We will honour the reality that all who are in Christ are one, by accepting and loving all who are his.

We will honour the corresponding truths that local churches are:

  • Independent and responsible for their own leadership and activities.
  • Interdependent in that they need the benefits of giftedness, encouragement, guidance and fellowship of others.

We will honour the truth that all believers are uniquely gifted by the Spirit of God. Those who are gifted and called to lead are responsible to do so in a manner that enables every member of the Body of Christ to become all God has designed them to be as ambassadors in his service.

We will honour the New Testament pattern and precept of deliberate diversity of gifting in team leadership of the church. These team leaders must be individuals of character, devotion and maturity, with a willingness to lead, reach, correct, shepherd and teach faithfully. They are affirmed by their congregations for agreed-upon terms of service.

We will honour the freedom of the Holy Spirit to raise up people from among us to serve our churches and ministry agencies either part-time or full-time and we will support them as needed We will honour the specific request of Jesus Christ to “remember him” by frequent observation of the Lord’s Supper (often on a weekly basis).

We will honour the diversity of the creative hand of God by showing respect and acceptance to all his people, regardless of race, gender, culture or social class.

We will honour the truth that the poor, disadvantaged and oppressed are special (blessed) people in the eyes of God. We will seek to take the initiative in reaching out to them with compassion, respect and truth, working together with others for justice, freedom and peace.

We will honour the mandate given to us at the creation to care for God’s good earth by teaching and practicing environmental (ecological) stewardship

We will honour the holiness and righteousness of God by rejecting all the Bible declares to be sinful, in order that we may live lives that are beyond reproach, pleasing our God and Saviour Jesus Christ.


The Mission of the Church

The mission of the church is to make disciples of non-followers of Jesus from every nation and to “teach them all things…”. Churches must advance this single purpose through:

  • Worship that brings glory to God; is engaging and compelling both to his people and to those who do not yet know him.
  • Discipleship that brings Biblical change to every sphere of life: spiritual, social, intellectual, physical, economic and emotional.
  • Evangelism with vigour and integrity.
  • Prayer that reflects confidence in the power of God.
  • Social involvement that brings the wisdom of God to every human situation.