1. Our Vision is to see more and more people become committed followers of Jesus Christ, primarily in Canada.
  2. The VMC motto is, More & Better Churches
  3. Our Mission is to move the mission of God forward by cultivating a collaborative network of churches who together with VMC are starting new churches, and helping existing churches fulfil their mandate more effectively
  4. Our Strategy is to move the mission forward by:
    1. Facilitating Church Planting and Church Planting Equivalents
      1. Among established churches
      2. Among New Canadians
      3. Among those seeking new models of church
    2. Supporting Churches, Church Leaders and Planters
    3. Coaching individual pastors and leadership groups
    4. Providing governance and administrative resources for church and church leaders
    5. Cultivating a Collaborative Network of Churches
      1. National Moving the Mission Forward (MMF National)
      2. Regional Moving the Mission Forward (MMF Regional)
      3. Regional and national consultations, conferences and workshops
    6. Collaborating with other denominations and agencies to move the mission forwarde) Encouraging and helping VMC-like networks internationally